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A trip to experience the magnificent nature of the unexplored "Iya Valley" the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, "Nishi Awa" and Tokushima’s traditional Aizome indigo dyeing industry



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Municipalities Included
in the Model Courses

Miyoshi City・Mima City


Estimated on a Case-by-Case Basis


Miyoshi City


On the first day, we will visit Iya Valley, one of Japan's three most unexplored areas, which offers many spectacular spots and magnificent natural beauty. On the second day, we will visit Nishi Awa, a World Agricultural Heritage Site, and participate in a program to meet the local people and experience the region's way of life. On the third day, participants will experience Aizome indigo dyeing, a traditional industry in Tokushima. The afternoon of the second day and the afternoon of the third day are reserved for work time.



Application Deadline

Up to 4 days in advance


Meet at the site(rental car, etc.)


Single participant : Yes
Minimum No. of participants:2~7
The day 3 "blueberry picking activity" is a summer only activity. When it is not available, this time can be used for work.
Program content is subject to change depending on the time of year and other factors. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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