Experience Tokushima through Awarkation
Awarkation in Tokushima

Tokushima's Workation style
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IntroductionJust what is an “Awarkation”?

What is an "Awarkation"?
The term was coined by combining the words "Awa," the old name of Tokushima Prefecture, and "workation." We have prepared model courses to suit a variety of lifestyles, allowing you to experience the nature, food, history, culture, and SDGs initiatives of Tokushima, while also helping enhance your work efficiency.
We have a model course for digital nomads from overseas as well.
Immerse yourself in the uniquely Awa Tokushima Work × Vacation: Awarkation - a region of development and exploration.

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About “Tokushima”What kind of place is Tokushima Prefecture?illust1

What kind of image do people have of Tokushima Prefecture? Here are just a few examples!

The Tokushima dialect is known as "Awa-ben".

・The people of Tokushima end sentences with "ken" or "jyo".
・Some uniquely Tokushima words are Ettoburi, Omosshoi, Kanman, and Gojaja, which translate to "it's been a long time," "that's interesting," "never mind," and "that's bullshit,".

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People of Tokushima Prefecture squeeze sudachi citrus fruits on everything.

They use it not only for sashimi and chilled tofu, but also for pickled vegetables and miso soup.
A TV commercial once said, "When it comes to Tokushima, sudachi is king!."


Tokushima has had Japan's highest percentage of cable TV usage for 10 consecutive years!

It is perfect for remote work with one of the best optical broadband environment in Japan!
Tokushima Prefecture is the birthplace of satellite offices!

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Tokushima Prefecture is well known for its Awa Odori dance.

But does that mean all Tokushima residents can dance?
Actually, there are many who can't!

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If you say cutlet in Tokushima Prefecture…

it means fish cutlets, not pork!
Fish cutlets are the soul food of Tokushima residents.

Area informationTokushima Prefecture’s Three Regions

Tokushima Prefecture is roughly divided into three areas: Eastern, Western, and Southern.
The following is a guide of representative tourist destinations.


Model courseAwarkation Model Courses

We offer a model course for you to experience the wonders of Tokushima: nature, food, history, culture,
and SDGs initiatives through "Awarkation."

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Working SpaceCoworking Space

The following is a list of the main facilities offering coworking spaces in each area
(as recommended by local government officials.)


AccessAccess to
Tokushima Prefecture

*The following access route is only one example. Please confirm details for your individual schedule.

From Kanto Area
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)-Tokushima Awaodori Airport
Click here for flight schedules

From Kansai Area
Kansai International Airport-Tokushima Station
Link to the Kansai Airports company website.

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